Club  Members Who Go By Car
Can Ride The Bus
For One Night For Only $20

     This year we are welcoming guests who can either travel to Boston Mills by car or by bus.  We have plenty of room on our buses and the bus cost is only $20. Our club members are encouraged to bring their friends. Guests can use a club member's value pass for just $10 and the guest can also get free rentals. CLUB MMEMBERS WHO USUALLY GO BY CAR CAN ALSO RIDE THE BUS FOR $20 BUT MUST COMPLETE A GUEST FORM.

     We are also welcoming members from other ski clubs who wish to ride on our buses on Friday nights and use one of their $10 value passes to ski or snowboarding with our club.. These guests will be supervised by our club advisors and will be required to follow the same rules as our club members. Because we expext more guests this year, we have established a simple procedure outlined below for all guests. 

 The Bus Schedule is listed below:

Depart Elyria Catholic's East parking lot in front of BASEBALL field at 4:30 PM
Arrive at Bostonmills about 5:20 PM
Depart Boston Mills at 9:40 PM
Drop off at Elyria Catholic at 10:50 PM

The buses load about 10 minutes before departure.

     The bus cost is $20. There is also a $1 Registration and credit card fee which  must be paid by credit card at our club’s website.

Anyone wishing to come as a guest  or club car riders who are riding the bus for one night must take the three steps below.

1. Complete the ON-LINE GUEST FORM and pay the $1 registration fee and/or $20 bus fee by credit card

2. Download and complete a PAPER GUEST FORM from our web page

3. Give the PAPER GUEST FORM  to an advisor at the club’s HELP TABLE and the guest will receive a Guest I.D Badge

Each of these three steps are described in detail below:

STEP #1.

     Parents of the guest should go to our club webpage at and complete the online registration form. When you get to the webpage, click on the red letters at the top of the page that say "GUEST REGISTER NOW". This will take you to the page where you complete the online registration form and pay with a credit card. At the bottom of the page click on the GREEN box the says "ON-LINE GUEST FORM _ CLICK HERE". This step must be completed by the parent, because the payment by credit card takes the place of a signature on the form. If parents run into any problems with this step they should call Frank Humphrey at 440-452-2068.  He will help parent through the process.

STEP #2.

     The parents of the guest must also complete a PAPER REGISTRATION FORM, which the guest should show to the advisor when boarding the bus (if going by bus). When you arrive at Boston Mills present the paper "Guest Registration Form" to the people working at the Help Table. The Help Table is located by the big fireplase in the center of the lodge. After the parent of the guest completes the ON-LINE GUEST FORM (Step #1) he or she should log back on to our web page at and again click on the red letters at the top of the web page that say, "SKI CLUB GUEST REGISTER NOW". When the page loads,  click on the RED box at the bottom of the page that says "PAPER GUEST FORM - CLICK HERE."

     Parents can then download a PDF file copy of the club's PAPER GUEST FORM and print it out.  After the printed form has been completed and signed by the parent, it should be send it with the guest to Boston Mills.

STEP #3.

     If the guest is riding the bus, the guest should just show the completed PAPER GUEST FORM  to an advisor on the bus. The guest should hold on to the form and  take it to the club HELP TABLE when they arrive at Boston Mills. The guest should give PAPER GUEST FORM to the advisor working at the Help Table. That club advisor will give the guest a color-coded identification card, which will be connected to the guest’s coat-zipper. This identification tag will help our club advisors be of assistance to any club guests and it will also help the ski patrol in case they need to give some form of medical attention. When the ski patrol sees the ID tag, they will notify our HELP TABLE by phone so that an advisor from our club can render additional assistance. 


Those guests who come by car with a club member are still required to have their PARENTS complete the ON-LINE GUEST FORM and pay a $1.00 administrative fee by credit card (as described in step #1 above).

The parents are also required to download the PAPER GUEST FORM, (as described in step # 2 above) which should be brought to Boston Mills by the guest.  Guests arriving by car should also follow the directions in step #3 above.

If anyone has questions or problems they should call our Club Director, Frank Humphrey, at 440-452-2068 or E-mail him at [email protected]


as a
Ski Club


If you are not a parent or if you can't pay by credit card STOP NOW and Call Frank Humphrey at 440-452-2068

Click on the  link below to complete step 1 - the club
ON-LINE GUEST FORM and pay with a credit card .

Then click on the link below in order to complete step 2 and download the PAPER GUEST FORM

GUEST ON-LINE FORM - Register by Clicking Here
GUEST PAPER FORM   -   Download by Clicking Here