The Friday Night
Ski and Snowboard Club

 for 2018-19
Starts October 4th
Ends on November 12th

How Things Work

Club Costs

(Tax Included)
The Bus Is Optional

for Six Weeks it is $100
See The Bus Schedule Below

   This is a real bargain when you consider that the cost for just one Friday night for the bus, rentals, lifts, lessons, etc. would be over $90.00.

The other expenses beyond this will be the purchase of a helmet (all club members are required to wear a helmet.) Helmets start at about $35. Refreshments cost more than McDonalds but are less than Cedar Point.  Lockers at the lodge cost $1.00 for anyone interested.

As you can see, our club is able to make this sport much more affordable.

The Club is Starting Its 32nd Year

   The Friday Night Ski Club will be starting its 32nd year. Our club is comprised of students from ages 8 to 18 in grades four through twelve.  The Friday Night Ski Club partners with over a dozen public, parochial, and charter schools throughout all of Lorain County to provide an opportunity to learn how to ski or snowboard and enjoy six nights of fun on the slopes of Boston Mills Ski Resort. The Boston Mills club package costs less than $40 a night and includes rental equipment for either skis or snowboard, five small group lessons, and lift tickets. For just $20 a night optional charter bus transportation is available for those who do not want to go to Boston Mills by car. Ski club members will ski or snowboard from 5:30 to 9:30 PM starting on Friday, January 11th, and will ski for six consecutive Friday nights.

     Although club members come from many different schools, we will operate as one large club.  By cooperating, the schools can maximize the use of the buses and minimize the overall cost to everyone.  Mr. Frank Humphrey, a former Elyria elementary school principal and a Deacon at St. Mary's Elyria, will continue to manage the club. Mrs. Nanette Reilly, a high schoolteacher, will manage the club’s “Help Table”at Boston Mills. Mrs. Kirkpatrick, a teacher at St. Jude School,  will manage the buses. Our club will continue to be assisted by other teachers and adult volunteers who will ski or snowboard with the club and supervise at Boston Mills, on the bus, and in the parking lots.  
    The club will offer one out of state trip to Peek’n Peak Ski Resort in New York on February 17th.  This trip will be optional and the estimated cost will be less than $100.

How The Club Program Works

  Boston Mills, Ski Resort offers a season long club program which includes the use of the lifts, five group lessons, and equipment rental. We encourage parents to view the 9 minute snow sports video posted on YouTube. Just go to the link at the top of this webpage and click on the link, "SEE THE VIDEO.

The sign up process is different from past years because we now have on-line registration for BOTH Boston Mills and our club. The club will go six times to Boston Mills and be on the slopes from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM on Friday nights starting on this year on January (weather permitting). There will be one general bus stop  leaving E.C. 4:30 PM and returning at about 10:45 PM. The bus is optional for parents who do not wish to drive their children to Boston Mills each week.

During the first five weeks, mandatory lessons, lasting about one hour, will be provided to each club member at his or her proficiency level.  Club members will travel to Boston Mills on a 55 passenger deluxe coach bus or in their own car (bus transportation is optional).  After the first five weeks the lessons will stop, but, snow sports will continue for one more week.  Then the buses will stop and the club will no longer go as an organized group.

After the six weeks of club snow sports, skiers and riders may continue to use their lift passes and receive their rental equipment on Friday nights from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  Each skier will also receive a FREE VALUE CARD which allows FOUR additional snow sport uses for themselves, a friend or family members. The cost is only $10 for each use and rentals are included. In past years our club members have been able to ski as many as 12 times with this group package deal.

Bonus Value Cards

Everyone will receive a free VALUE CARD. This discount card can be used up to four times for the low cost of only $10 for each use for a  snow tubing session or an All Day snow/lift ticket at Boston Mills,  Brandywine or Alpine Valley. The Value Card is now connected electronically to the weekly lift pass. With a Value Card, instead of paying about $75 at the ticket window for a lift ticket and rental, the cost will only be $10.

 Some form of ID must be presented at the ticket window by the person whose name appears on the VALUE CARD, or by the parent, but any of the tickets obtained may be used for the club member, a friend or a family member. You can use all four discount ticket on the same day or at four different times. Rentals are free because everyone’s Club Program  Package included optional equipment rental.

How Lessons Works

Skiers must take a weekly lesson to improve their  skills and earn a color coded sticker attesting to their proficiency level (Light Green for a Beginner; Dark Green for the Advanced Beginner; Blue for Intermediate; Dark Bkue for Advanced Intermediate for Black for the Advanced).  Each sticker corresponds with the relative difficulty of each slope at Boston Mills, Brandywine or Alpine Valley, which is similarly color coded.  All skiers must have a lesson sticker displayed on their lift ticket and will not be permitted to ski on slopes with a difficulty rating higher than their proficiency level, unless they are in a lesson group accompanied by an instructor.  In this manner skiers and riders are matched to the slopes which they are able to navigate with safety.

Bus Schedule

The buses will start loading 10 minutes before departure

Depart Elyria Catholic......... 4:30 PM
Arrive at Boston Mills.......... 5:30 PM

Depart Boston Mills.............. 9:45 PM
Arrive at Elyria Catholic..... 10:45 PM

What Will Supervision Be Like

     Supervision will be provided in a variety of ways.  While going to and from Boston Mills, adults will be on the bus to observe behavior and maintain order. Those going by car will be required to check in at the club’s “Help Table” to pick up their weekly lift ticket and get lesson information.  Students will be required to follow the directions of adults in a respectful manner and will be required to follow the rules established by our club & Boston Mills, which have been designed to provide for everyone’s safety and insure respect for the rights of others.  The Ski Patrol will be on the slopes to make sure that these rules are followed.  The club advisors will also be on the slopes or in the lodge at the club's "Help Table" to assist with the supervision responsibilities. 

Suspension From the Bus.
The Loss of Their Lift Ticket for an Hour or a Week
The Loss of Their Lift Ticket for the Remainder of the Season

What About Refunds and Other Changes After Registration


Boston Mills will not provide refunds for any reason and they will not permit a change of snow sport from skies to snowboards. However they will permit a change from a snowboard to skies as long as it happens before the second time the club hits the slope. The change from snowboard tp skies is permitted  because they have enough equipment and instructors on hand, if a change is desired.

If a TICKET CHANGE REQUEST IS MADE BY NOVEMBER 15th, no penalties occur.   After November 15th any changes that require a new ticket being printed, may result in administrative fees imposed by Boston Mills and a jump from $10 to $20 for each of the four value card uses.

Helmets Are Mandatory

     Helmets are MANDATORY for all club members (including adult advisors). Helmets can be purchased at your local sporting goods store or on line for less than $50. The weekly rental price is $10 and is not part of the rental package. For that reason, it is much more economical to buy a helmet which can be used for many years.

How DO We Sign Up

     For those with no further questions, the easiest way is to complete the two part registration process. First fill out the THE BOSTON MILLS ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM and PAY BY CREDIT CARD. Log in to the Boston Mills web page by clicking on the Red Box below. When the Boston Mills web page loads, click on thr black words at the top of the psge -  “Ski Club Login. The club login user name is frinightely and the password is member. Everyone will pay for their lift tickets and/or rentals by credit card.  

     The second part of the registration process is similar. Click on the button "SKI CLUB REGISTER NOW" link that you will find by scrolling back to the top of this web page.  When the page loads, follow the directions. When you are asked for a password, enter.... "member". ( It helps to erase or delete the dotts if any appear before typing in the password member )  

Complete the club’s on-line form and pay the $5 registration fee. If the student takes the bus, the parents must also pay for the the $100 additional cost of the bus.  If you are going by car you still must complete the same Club Registration Form; however,  you only need to pay the $5 registration fee. The registrstion fee and/or the bus cost must be paid by credit card. When you click on the "SUBMIT"button at the bottom of the registration form you will be taken to the secure credit card web site, where you will be enter your personal information and pay.  

     If you do not have access to a computer, or if you experience problems with the on-line registrations, or if just have questions, call Mr. Humphrey at 440-452-2068 or E-mail him at [email protected]


Begins  October 4th
Ends November 12th

Click Here to Register with Boston Mills
  All Registration Forms and Payments 
Are Due by Monday, November 12th. 

The management of Boston Mills has instituted a strict policy of adding NO late club members to the roster once their ticket deadline has been reached. (around Thanksgiving)  Problems have developed in the past because they didn’t have enough trained instructors to cover the late members that crop up each year.  For this reason, no late forms will be accepted after the roster is given to Boston Mills and they have reached their roster closing deadline.

     It may be possible to register after October 15th; however, there will be a  late registartion fees of $25 after that date.

     If you need to register after November 12 th, call  
Mr. Humphrey at 440-452-2068 for special instructions.